Canon EOS M10 Review - Camera for Bloggers/Vloggers 2017 (Not so professional review)

First of all, I wouldn't call myself as a vlogger or blogger (yeah, it because I don't post regularly). Fair enough? Last week, I just made such a random purchased. I bought a new camera. Actually, I've been dreaming about a camera that I can carry easily in my bag, but not specific. Don't get me wrong, I love my Canon Rebel T3i (or Indonesian usually know it as Canon 600D) even it's bulky, old and second handed, it still produces great quality images and videos.
Two nights before I made a purchase, I did some quick research about what kind of inexpensive camera that is good for starter blogger / vlogger. The features that I was looking for are:
  • Easy to carry aka smaller than my DSLR that could fit my bag
  • Flip screen
  • Autofocus
  • Good for video
  • Not shaky
  • Have Wi-Fi feature
Before I put my heart on Canon EOS M10, I was thinking to buy Sony A5000. However, after I watched this comparison video review, I changed my mind. 

I contacted my photographer friends in Bali, asking for their opinion about both of the camera and they suggested me to get Canon M10 instead because sometimes Sony A5000 doesn't work really well in the low light. Right after that, I went to Henry's Camera to get it. 

It was on sale, they said. Their sale price is actually the regular price in Indonesia so I don't know, should I feel happy with their deal?

Canon EOS M10 comes with its kit lens 15-45 mm, which is great enough to take portrait, landscape and street photography. Like other basic kit lens, it isn't really fast, with maximum aperture of f3.5-6.3. 

You might think that I must be so lazy to shoot new video for my channel. Actually, I did take lots of shoots though, but it always ended up shaky. That also become one of the reasons why i need a new camera. Some of you might think that the problem is not from the camera, but the lens, right? But I also think that if the camera is light enough for us, it would be easier to achieve non-shaky video. Am I right?

Like other mirrorless camera, it also come with Wi-Fi feature, which make your life become more convenient. 

For people who are addicted to selfie like me, this camera might be perfect for you because you will be able to turn back the camera screen to a full 180-degree. The screen size is 3 inch with 1.04m dot display. 

This camera also come with built-in flash. Unfortunately, there is no external mic and flash jack. I personally don't use flash that often so it's not a big deal for me.

These are some pictures that I took by Canon EOS M10.


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