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Outfit of the day - Feeling blue

SUMMER IS COMING! Walaupun akhir - akhir ini Bali lagi uring - uringan antara panas dan hujan, aku selalu sempetin untuk  going out. Aku cuma punya waktu 4 bulan, i know it sounds like I have such a long vacation, but, believe in me, 4 months is short. Gak kerasa banget, udah 2 bulan aja aku di Bali. That's mean I only have 2 months left. God, I'm not ready. Summer = brightness. That's mean you need to wear something colorful, and so does your feeling. 

Outfit of the day - Green Army

Hi guys! What's up? Its been a long time I've never posted anything on this lovely site. And now, i'm back with my ootd post! Let's check it out!

Review: Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid Lipstick

Hi semua, apa kabar? It has been forever I have never post anything on my blog. Tapi gak papa, kali ini aku kembali dengan review product dari Maybelline yaitu VIVID MATTE LIQUID LIPSTICK. Yay! Lip product ini emang lagi hits banget di Indonesia.