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Canadian Trying Indonesian Snacks

My youtube is back! After a short break on youtube (read: being busy and mostly ehm lazy), I finally posted a video and I asked Nina to collaborate. FYI, I brought all of these snacks from Indonesia. Okay, I got 3 luggages with me, one for carry on, one for clothes and random stuff, and one only for food! 

What I ate in a month - September 2016

Food food food! Who doesn't need food?! As time goes by, I'm confused about my blog direction. Is this page going to be about makeup, fashion, travel or food? Back to the reason why I'm here, I enjoyed to share everything that makes me excited, including food. At this time, I would share few meals / food that I ate on September 2016. Here we go!

Summer in Nusa Lembongan, Bali

I'm 100% Balinese but it doesn't mean I've reached every beautiful places in this island. In this four months summer break, I decided to go back to Bali and do something that I never did before. Traveling alone. *I moved to Toronto, Canada to study but it doesn't count. lol* The stupid thing about this trip is that I didn't take lots of picture of the island but I took lots of pictures of myself for my instagram. Please excuse my addiction to this hype social media platform.