What I ate in a month - September 2016

Food food food! Who doesn't need food?!
As time goes by, I'm confused about my blog direction. Is this page going to be about makeup, fashion, travel or food? Back to the reason why I'm here, I enjoyed to share everything that makes me excited, including food. At this time, I would share few meals / food that I ate on September 2016. Here we go!

Fran's Strawberry Milkshake
You can see how colourful my drink is. I'm a part of people who loves sweets. Two days after I arrived at Toronto (September 3), I went to Canada National Exhibition (CNE). I don't want to miss it for a second time. It was really fun. At that time, I chose strawberry milkshake with sprinkle, gummy bear and oreo on top. Just like in the picture. Price? $12 before tax. But its worth it. At least for your Instagram feed.

Corn Dogs

You can't tell how big it is. First, I don't know what corn dog is. We went around the exhibition trying to find who sells long corn dog. After about 30 mins walking, we finally found it! I can't tell how much calories did I lost just to find this food. Price? Nina spent $15 for this. And look how happy she is!

Matcha Waffle Ice Cream

If you follow my Instagram, you will know how many times I went to this ice cream place. Actually, I only went there twice. But anyways, if you ask me where should you go if you want to find the best matcha ice cream in the city? Bang - bang ice cream is the answer.  Once again, I went there twice, but I always choose matcha. Their matcha is the best. You need to spend $9 for this.

Nasi goreng

The only thing that I can cook is Indomie. Living abroad 'push' me to learn how to cook 'food'. I mean like the real food. I decided to try to make the really basic Indonesian food. Nasi Goreng aka Indonesian fried rice. FYI, I prepared for everything. I brought the paste (from Indonesia) to make it easier. 

source: http://bit.ly/2dxYfrt
I can't imagine how bad it would be if I try to make it from the 'real' ingredients like my mom usually did. 
ps: don't forget the chilli guys!

The Dirty Bird Chicken

Look how 'Instagram worthy' is this! I don't understand why they named it as The Dirty Bird Chicken but all I know that you will get dirty when you eating this. The taste is really good and makes me excited to finished it until I broke my knife when I try to cut the meat. Please excuse it. 
I spent $18 for this.


Eating with hand is common in Indonesia. I mean, without fork and knife. After a long time, I finally found a restaurant which 'allow' us to eat with hand. Last weekend, I went to Tinuno with my friends. Tinuno is a Filipino restaurant. For these food, you only need to spend $15 per person! How crazy!

Uncle Tetsu Cafe

Uncle Tetsu is really famous in Toronto with their cheese cake. I went there twice, but I've never been to their cafe. I don't remember the name of the cake that I ordered but the only thing that I like is the matcha ice cream & cheese cake. For this 'cake set', you need to pay for $25 before tax.

Beef Rendang and Sate

Ok guys, I am so excited to tell you this. Finally, the 'real' Indonesian restaurant is open in Toronto! Its about an hour from my place but... the tasty beef rendang paid it back. It's so delicioussssssssssss!

It's about $12 for beef rendang & ayam goreng and if i'm not mistaken about $11 for the sate entree. Please do not compare it with Indonesian prices. Remember, it's Toronto!


  1. Hi Yoni! Waah gue gak tahu ada restoran indonesia baru di Toronto. Boleh tahu gk nama restauran nya apa? :) Gue cuma tahu little sister and matahari bar. And it's really awesome to meet another Indonesian! Gosh our people are so rare here tbh 😅

    1. i've been there tapi tastenya pada ga authentic 😂 eh iya, nama restaurantnya satay sate indonesian street food. Kemarin jg ada yang baru buka lagi namanya Waroeng Indonesia di Eglinton. Maybe we should hangout and get indonesian food sometimes 😜


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